Mission Statement

Heshies strives to provide patients with high quality and convenient 100% premium cannabis pre rolls, perfect for anytime anyplace enjoyment.

About Us

Welcome to Heshies! We are brothers who started Heshies to solve a problem. We could not find a high quality cannabis pre roll that fit with our active lifestyles - whether on the slopes, the golf course, or out with friends, joints did not cut it. We set out to create a premium product that we and our friends would enjoy - working with local growers to obtain cannabis free of contaminants and with great flavor and potency. We added a high flow filter along the way to ensure a smooth and consistent draw, like a cigarette, but with 100% premium cannabis. And just like that, Heshies was born! We are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction and we would love to hear from you. Tell us what you like and what we can do to ensure you have a great Heshies experience. We hope you enjoy Heshies as much as we do!

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