Our Adventure

Our Adventure

Welcome to Heshies! We are brothers who started Heshies to solve a problem. We could not find a high quality cannabis pre roll that fit with our active lifestyles – whether on the slopes, the golf course, or out with friends, we needed the convenience at the highest level. We set out to create exceptional products that we and our friends would enjoy – working with local growers we dove into as much R&D as possible to obtain the best cannabis with great flavor and terpene profiles. And just like that, Heshies was born!

Our Commitment:

We have worked with the highest level compliance officers to ensure we are producing premium products with new state of the art equipment in the cleanest lab-like facility. We do not cut any corners and will go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality. We are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction and we would love to hear from you. Tell us what you like and what we can do to ensure you have a great Heshies experience. We hope you enjoy Heshies as much as we do!

SELFIES are Born

When Chad met his now-wife Kristen, she dreamed of a joint that she didn’t have to put out, relight or waste after a few puffs. A convenient pack that would fit perfectly into her on-the-go professional lifestyle. Other brands felt too serious (ultra-premium packaging and pricing to match) or too stoner (repelling the trendy female demo). Where was the middle ground for the casual smokers? The idea formed: create the first functional, fashionable mini joint, within the Heshies brand house. With the gap in the market & their combined expertise in the cannabis business, and building trend-forward brands in fashion & beauty, SELFIES by Heshies was born. SELFIES officially launched at Coachella Music Festival, 2019 and is now available in clubs statewide including all Cookies & MedMen locations.

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